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We've played 45 of these games, and this was one of the best !

Team Underwood

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" some of the most ingenious clues we have seen in any room escape "

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"Fun! Frantic! Fantastic! Just go!!"

Ian Harding

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It Rocked !!

Andy Amor

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"A Great Team Building Exercise!"

Alexander Swann - Insurance Brokers

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Wiltshire Escape Rooms. Room 1 - The Exit Visa Crisis - A Musical Mystery!!

Enter a world of fame and rock and roll! The world renowned band EXIT VISA, have gone missing, presumed dead, in a plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle. The 'Master' copy of their latest album was reported to be onboard. However, the plane crash site has not been found.... What happened to the band? Where is the album? Was it all planned? Can you help quash the rumours of the bands untimely demise and escape the room with the answer? Acting as Uber-Fans of the band you have 60 minutes inside Exit Visa's Band HQ to solve the mystery & get out..

Are they alive?

Rumour has it they have died in an horrific plane crash over the Bermuda Triangle

Are they in hiding?

Fans say this is not true, and that the band have gone into hiding, and they have completed the new Album

Where is the new album?

Did the new album go down with the plane and the band - never to be seen again?

Solve the mystery!

You have 60 minutes to escape. Can you solve the EXIT VISA mystery?

Room Prices

Different prices for different size teams

  • Two People

  • £50
  • £25 per person
  • 60 minutes to escape !
  • Find clues / work out puzzles
  • Solve the mystery
  • Our couples / Date night package
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  • Three/Four People

  • £60
  • £15 - £20 per person
  • 60 Minutes to escape !
  • Amazing fun
  • Work as a team to solve the clues
  • A great mid-range package
  • Book Now !!
  • Five/Six people

  • £80
  • £13 - £16 per person
  • 60 Minutes to escape !
  • Great for team building
  • Can you find the escape key?
  • Our best value package
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How to Find Us

North Wiltshire's premiere escape room - We are situated in dedicated offices above the Audi Sales Centre Devizes Road, Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire. SN15 2DZ. We have plenty of free on-site parking. If you need to ask us anything that's not covered by the FAQ, just send us a message below

Room 2 - Victoria's Last Challenge

New / Second Room - Coming Soon !!!

It’s a very sad day. Your beloved Great Aunt Victoria has passed away. At the ripe old age of 104. She had a long and good life but she will be sorely missed. Whilst there is no way to take away your grief, there is some positive news. In her last will and testament Victoria has left her vast fortune to you, yes you, her last living relatives. However it’s not just a case of giving you the money. You have to earn it!
Everyone who knew Victoria knew that she was a prankster. Over the years she liked nothing more than setting up tricks and puzzles for people and it would seem this has continued, even in her death.
A passage from Victoria’s last will and testament reads :- “To my last living relatives, I leave to you equal shares of my life savings. However I have one last challenge for you. My money is hidden in the attic room of the family Ancestral home, Echoes Hill Manor, and a set of puzzles and riddles await you which will lead to your inheritance. To make things interesting, I’m giving you just 60 minutes to find it. Good luck, you'll need it! All my love, Aunt Victoria”